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Where’s My Lemons??

Posted on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

WHAT HAPPENED TO LEMONS??? The few of you that followed my autobio comic LEMONS last year may have noticed the lack of updates! Kinda sucks because I really liked doing it, it was cool looking back and seeing all the interesting things I’d been up to, and a fun way to keep a journal. I originally started doing it to be “visible” in the long stretches between book releases. I figured people could read HAPPYFACE and then stop by my page and get to know me and say hello.

That said, the obvious answer as to why I stopped is I got too busy. I’ve had a tendency to work on two projects at any given time – when I was working on HAPPYFACE, I was also working on the EMO BOY movie. When I was writing WINTER TOWN, I was doing LEMONS as well. And now I am working on my third book, and working on the iPhone game – those two projects basically take up any creative time I can muster.

Every now and again I do something really fun or have some interesting life moments and think “AHHH this would be a perfect LEMONS comic!” But alas, for now they have to take their chances with my abysmal memory. Maybe eventually I’ll muster up enough time to bring it back, but for now it’s not meant to be. Of course you can still find me here, facebook, twitter, and always feel free to send me an email. Just give me notice if you’re stopping by the apartment.

Lemons: Behind the scenes!

Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011

Here are some of the stories behind recent LEMONS comic strips! Be sure to check it out daily and see the strips at the tumblr site!

250-271: The National Book Awards Party – I attended a book awards party the day before my birthday, and a few days before I was sick for 3 weeks! I brought along my friend Elaine because she’d just finished writing her own book and I thought maybe she’d find the time informative! We were both nervous but I’d spent enough time with my editor Connie to know she’ll make sure we’re comfortable and happy, and she certainly did! She was great to Elaine too, welcoming her into the world of books and offering lots of great advice. We had a great time in the end!

243-248: Halloween Party – Here’s some pictures from Cori’s halloween party. I had planned on being Charlie Brown but went with Hipster Charlie Brown when I needed to wear a hoodie!

228-238: Zoo/Pumpkin Trail – Last halloween I went with my friends Cori Heather and Sal to a zoo in MA, where we spent the day, and in the evening they lit up thousands of these carved and painted pumpkins along themed trails. It was really cool! Here are some pictures:

I keep thinking of stories from stuff that happened last year that I can’t believe I didn’t make any LEMONS about. The coolest thing is having this full year documented and I left out some awesome stuff, like going to the NY Comicon in October, or the photowalk I did in July. I also neglected to write about my Chicago trip all year but finally I’m working on it now. It’s harder to pull the details that make a good LEMONS comic after almost a year passes!

Small Wonder Sitcomix!

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010

Doing some warm up art to get ready for doing the WINTER TOWN art next month. This had been floating in my head for awhile. I still need to color it though!


I hope everyone is still reading LEMONS – it’s updating daily!