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Between 1997 and 2006, countless comic strips poured out of cartoonist Stephen Emond’s room in the shape of “STEVERINO!,” the tale of a sad-sack hopeless romantic and his quest for that special anyone.

“STEVERINO!” started out as a way for Emond to keep in touch with his high school friends as they departed for college. It quickly took on a life of its own, as Emond had such a love for the medium he spent every month developing his craft and finessing his world and characters. “STEVERINO!” was printed and sent out as a self-published 25 page book each month and eventually went on to gain praise and correspondance from syndicate editors, win national prizes, and earned a space in local Connecticut shoreline newspapers.

In the years following “STEVERINO!” Emond would find his comics printed by the likes of SLG Publishing and Little, Brown Books For Young Readers, but this is where it all started. The complete collection of cartoons is printed here, 500 pages with notes from the creator, newspaper articles, photographs, paintings, prose ramblings, fan mail, stand up routines, poems, if it was in an issue of “STEVERINO!” it is printed here.

Read this book and see the mountains of effort that go into shaping a series and perfecting an idea. From what works to what doesn’t, from rejection letters to editor feedback and the applications of that feedback, documented here is the true evolution of a cartoonist!