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About – Here’s a nice bio if you are looking to learn more about me and my other projects and how I got to do them in the first place! See how a young Steve first got published.

Art Gallery – I love to draw, most of these are fan art, things I do just for fun, and will never be published anywhere, so check out my art here!

DeviantArt – Are you on DeviantArt? Me too! You should add me! [Outside Link]

Email Me – I love email and I’m jealous of other authors who say they can’t keep up with theirs. Did you read one of my books? Like it? Write and let me know! I love learning more about my fans. [E-mail]

Emo Boy – My first published comic book, Emo Boy ran for two years through SLG Publishing. Read issue summaries, browse the covers, and find ordering info!

Facebook - I post a lot of works in progress and random thoughts here, so Like my facebook page and keep updated on all things me! [Outside Link]

Happyface – This was my first YA novel, read the reviews, the blurbs, the summary, and find ordering info!

Lemons - This is my autobiographical comic strip. The life of an author! Updates DAILY so I’m never more than 24 hours away :) [Outside Link]

Steverino – This was my first big project, a comic strip I did in my late teens. See the last and best strips, find the book that prints a decade’s worth of work, and more behind the scenes info! [Outside Link]

Twitter – I have spurts of twitter activity, I still prefer Facebook but I’m trying to use twitter a little more often. But why not add me, it only takes a click! [Outside Link]

Other Links
Here are some other links I advise you to check out!

Art Of Alex Fienemann – my friend Elaine’s art blog.

Blue Rose Girls – Editors, authors and illustrators, they write some really interesting blogs, I check in daily.

Cryptic Bindings – my friend Mike Attebery’s books.

Fan Boys – EMO BOY director Kyle Newman’s movie. Check it out!

SLG Publishing – Publishers of EMO BOY, JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC and tons of other great books.

Vanguard Films & Animation – worked on the EMO BOY movie with me.

Little, Brown Books For Young Readers – They publish HAPPYFACE and WINTER TOWN so you KNOW they’re good!

Samurai Host Club – my friend Christy Lijewski’s online comic.

Green Oblivion – website of my friend Ross Campbell.

Spooky Chan – my friend Chandra Free’s site.

Faith Erin Hicks – website of my friend Faith Erin Hicks.

Hope Larson – website of my friend Hope Larson.

Amy Reeder – website of my friend Amy Reeder.

Sarah Ockler – my buddy Sarah’s website.

Sara Zarr – my buddy Sara’s website.

Oracular Dream – my buddy Michelle Nunnelly’s site.

Imagine The Ending – my buddy Heather Nunnelly’s site.

Kuriousity - my website designer Lissa Pattillo’s site, read manga news and reviews.