Emo Boy

When I thought of the idea of an emo kid with “emo superpowers,” I was still very much dedicated to making my old Steverino comic strip work. A select few people pushed me to play with the concept, so I made a 22 page mini comic with the Emo Boy character. I sent it off to SLG, as they were the only publisher I could see printing it. I was working on the fourth issue when SLG contacted me and asked if I was still looking for a publisher. The series lasted 12 issues and is now collected in 2 graphic novels. I recently finished a screenplay for a movie version of EMO BOY for Kyle Newman to direct for Vanguard Films and Animation.

“Find out why I think Emo Boy is one of the funniest, sweetest, most agonizingly emo comics of all time. I seriously love this comic and if it weren’t for Rex Libris, I’d say it’s the single best regularly-published book that SLG is putting out. As it is, I’ll have to say it’s one of the two best regularly-published books that SLG is putting out.” – Beaucoupkevin.com

Published by SLG Publishing

Emo Boy Trade Volume 1: Nobody Cares About Anything Anyway, So Why Don’t We All Just Die?

Poor Emo Boy- he’s unpopular. Unloved. He has no family. Not only does he need to deal with things like pondering suicide and questioning his sexual identity, but on top of that he’s got these emo super powers that only seem to bring destruction and disaster, causing everyone to hate him more than they already do. His first love suffers a head explosion, the football team wants him dead, and he got an F in English. No wonder he’s so depressed!

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Emo Boy Trade Volume 2: Walk Around With Your Head Down.

Emo Boy has finally found the love of his life… and loses her in about ten pages. Thus begins the downward spiral of emo that carries Emo Boy through. Emo Boy has his heart broken, seeks therapy, starts an emo-zombie plague, gets the Christmas spirit beat into him, writes a school play and loses every friend he has. Not to mention a “Choose Your Own Emo” adventure that carries him through space and time! Talk about your emo epics. Emo Boy Volume Two: collects issues #7-12 of the Emo Boy comic book series.

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Emo Boy Issue 01
Emo Boy #1: Emo Boy is recruited by fellow classmates to write a song for their band. But when a cute blonde is singing his words, will his emo screw everything up? Yes, it will. Learn the dark and mysterious secret Emo Boy holds, and then read the Emo Boy interview and learn some less dark and mysterious secrets. Tears, sobbing, whining, bits of brain, everything you could want in a comic about an emo kid!
Emo Boy Issue 02
Emo Boy #2: Emo Boy attends a concert by his favorite indie-screamo-nerdcore-geek-punk band, “Cheezer”! While there, he finds time to bond with the coolest girl in his class; take part in a gang fight; get on stage for the ultimate emo-off with Cheezer’s lead singer, and pay way too much for a hot dog! This is certainly one concert to attend, but remember- no photography in the venue!
Emo Boy Issue 03
Emo Boy #3: Join Emo Boy as he gets pelted with dodgeballs, refuses to eat lunch at school, and decides life is not worth living! Can school bully Drew Somerville stand the attention a suicidal Emo Boy recieves? Find out in this highly emotional (or just plain emo) issue of Emo Boy!
Emo Boy Issue 04
Emo Boy #4: Emo Boy’s troubled history catches up to him as a high school full of people he’s wronged seek their revenge. When the few friends he has turn on him, not even his pile of Dashboard Confessional cds can save him! Featuring the return of nearly everyone from the first 3 issues.
Emo Boy Issue 05
Emo Boy #5: February brings us another double feature in Emo Boy, as Emo Boy questions his sexuality, and uses autobiographical cartooning as his latest emotional outlet. We’ll be answering such questions as “Do Emo Boy’s powers serve any good?” and “Does the internet care about a non-gaming webcomic?” Chock full of emo monologues and starry skies.
Emo Boy Issue 01
Emo Boy #6: When the school holds its annual “Just Because” dance, Emo Boy just can’t get into the spirit and admit his lifelong streak of bad luck could all have happened “just because”. Meanwhile, he fails to notice his romance options blossoming. All this and ‘Emo Kong': Emo Boy’s super powers rage out of control!
Emo Boy Issue 07
Emo Boy #7: Emo Boy’s one-man fan club labels him a sell out after Emo Boy finally gets a girlfriend and finds himself feeling not-so-blue anymore. Find out how love impacts a true emo boy and his emo superpowers in this issue. A tip of the hat to Woody Allen’s classic Annie Hall.
Emo Boy Issue 08
Emo Boy #8: When Emo Boy hits rock bottom, his tears take on a life of their own; acting as symbiotes and attaching themselves to unsuspecting hosts. Maxine finds herself fighting for her happiness like never before when a mass ‘emoing’ forms, determined to bring her down into the dredges with everyone else!
Emo Boy Issue 09
Emo Boy #9: The first ever “Choose Your Own Emo” issue finds the reader choosing Emo Boy’s path through time and space! When Emo Boy meets a mad scientist, his emo powers are finally put to use in the creation of a time machine. This Emo Boy sci-fi issue can be read and re-read with its tangents, multiple storylines and many endings! Each read-through is a new experience!
Emo Boy Issue 10
Emo Boy #10: Emo Boy once again upsets everyone when he denounces Christmas in this time of war and poverty. Determined not to partake in the celebrations, Emo Boy wanders off on his own and encounters none other than Santa himself, who must convince Emo Boy of the importance of family, tradition, and the Christmas holiday.
Emo Boy Issue 11
Emo Boy #11: Welcome to Emo Boy’s 11th issue extravaganza! 11 stories in 24 pages, including: Emo Boy joins “Cheezer” lead singer Bark on a meditation retreat; a nasty brawl in which Emo Boy unleashes the power of the cosmos; “Your Mama So Emo”; “The Demo Tape”, “Bi Polar Bear”, and more!
Emo Boy Issue 12
Emo Boy #12: When Emo Boy is hospitalized and unable to pay for his medical bills, Maxine and the rest of his English class take it upon themselves to stage a production of the play Emo Boy wrote for class. When the play manages to offend just about everyone in his life, Emo Boy finds himself on the other side of the judgment fence.


“I’ve spent ten minutes staring at the blinking cursor here and trying to figure out why this is brilliant. Or why it was able to invoke that internal ha-ha-wait-WTF-was-that? reaction that so few things can. However, I’m at a loss.” – Needcoffee.com

“A hopelessly melancholy, more Byronic than Byron outcast highschooler, Emo Boy possesses both a tendency to narrate his comics in insufferable prose poetry and bizarre “emo powers,” the nature and extent of which are never really revealed. If you missed the last issue, pick it up—you’ll see him blow up a girl’s head by kissing her, he’s so emo. Here his emo powers gush out like vomit, and utterly emotionally destroy his favorite band, Weezer—I mean, Cheezer.” – Newsarama.com

“The angsty, teen, self-absorption is dialed up to 11 to create a satire looking at some of the shallowness of the average high schooler. At the same time Emond taps into the core of the human experience – being the geek, the nerd, the left-out, the cast-out; being that age when, to you, the world really does revolve around you.” – Brokenfrontier.com