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WWE art #2 – Attitude Era

Posted on Sunday, July 27th, 2014

I was watching some old wrestling from 1998/99 while i was unemployed and decided to do a picture for fun of all the characters of that time. Coloring it was hard, it all muddles together, it might look better just in black and white.

Raw Is War

Raw Is War


Posted on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

I’m thinking of beefing up my online presence over the next year or so as I prepare for my next book to come out. It’s something I’ve always struggled with, as I would think a lot of other authors, illustrators, etc might. Every time I think I’ll make more of a presence, I’m good for a week or two and then I fall off.

It’s good to have my site here, I think of this as my “hub” where anyone who’s found a book of mine can come see whatever I’ve posted last, find my twitter and facebook links, learn about my other projects, etc. I do have difficulty in keeping the main blog portion updated, as often I just don’t have much to say, or I would be talking about things I can’t really talk about (upcoming projects.) In fact, most of my thoughts go towards new ideas and stuff I feel odd talking about online, though some creators do that.

The main things I use are this site, twitter, Instagram, facebook. This site I don’t update often as I feel like I should have something substantial to talk about. Facebook I have a regular account and an author page. The regular account I use much more, though it’s for complete randomness. The author page I stopped using because only a small percentage of people who have liked your page actually see what you post, from what I understand, which is frustrating. I also run into issues of not having much to say, particularly between projects. Twitter I rarely use, and again mostly use it for randomness and being silly. Instagram I post cat pictures and skies.

So, I’m not the best self-marketer out there. The idea of simply linking to posts other authors make seems off-putting to me, though again, some creators do that. Writing more how-to’s and insider stuff is a little more appealing, but also time consuming. Writing more personal posts has appeal but isn’t really marketing, and likely most people don’t care.

I’m trying to form some kind of game plan to have a presence and build a fanbase. It’s odd that I can sell a decent amount of books and get some really nice fan mail but still not really have anything approaching a recognizable name. And having a new book coming out and wanting to speed up my output, I want to be out there and approachable and have a give and take with my audience, I just have a difficult time wrapping my head around it.

Tumblr is appealing because it’s so shareable. If I post something and people like it, it can spread. So then I think, what can I create that’s shareable. One idea I had was coupling art from my books with quotes. When I search myself on Tumblr a lot of book quotes come up, so coupling quotes with art and a website link could be good, say I put out one of those every couple days. Maybe once every week or two I can write something on my blog that’s more beneficial to my audience, tips, behind the scenes kind of stuff.

I thought of doing the occasional short story or comic strip, or a Happyface-style autobio thing whenever, every few weeks or month or two.

Once I start listing out schedules like that, though, I think eh, I won’t do that, I’ll fall right off. And I do want to have my next next project out much faster than it’s taken this book.

At the very least I could make more effort to communicate with my audience and fellow authors aside from my completely random weirdness, but let’s face it, I am random and weird, so that kind of stuff is fun and easy to do for me.

Anyway, that’s just some stuff on my mind and this itself is part of the effort to keep updated and “out there.”

Contract is signed, so hoping for announcements soon!