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Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013

I’m back, again! I’m going to start doing my LEMONS comics again. For those that don’t know, LEMONS is my auto-bio comic strip, loose doodling, done in spare time and thrown online quickly. No real update schedule, so it’s not mon-fri or every Wednesday or whatever, they’ll just go up as I do them. The latest LEMONS will always be on top of my website here, and you can go to my tumblr page to see the archives. At least there will be some steady content on here when I’m not updating this blog! The Lemons strips should populate in Tumblr, Twitter, and here.

I have been meaning to link to this forever so I am very sorry about the delay! In fact, I’ve been meaning to link this since January when it started but time just escapes me somehow. Anyway, I’ve been writing a series of monthly articles on writing for teens this year, on the site They go up towards the early part of each month, and every day they have a new article by another author so if you have any interest in writing, check it out for sure! Here’s a list of my articles so far:

I Was A Teenage Artist

Writing Personal Stories For Teens

Using Art In Teen Novels

On Story Ideas And Developing A Novel

And finally, Book 3 is still being chipped away at, piece by piece. I thought for sure we’d have announced something by now, at least a title, but contract negotiations tend to go on for a while. That said, I am working and hoping pretty soon it’s all iron clad and we can go ahead and announce a title or synopsis or release date or something. I am itching to go full speed to the finish line but we need to place a finish line first! It’s pretty special though, and I’m really happy with it and excited to share. I think it’s my best work, but I guess you have to think that when you’re working this hard on something!