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Penumbear: First Weekend Review Roundup

Posted on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Here’s a lineup of reviews for Penumbear’s first weekend after release!

Penumbear is a platformer with a soul. The controls are so smooth you start to wonder if the game is secretly reading your mind, and in the meantime you find yourself being drawn further and further in to the world of light and shadow thanks to its beautifully designed environments and haunting soundtrack.
This is platforming as it should be – a simple thing to pick up and play, but a real test of your skills when you start to explore its boundaries. An easy game to recommend for all gamers.

I immediately fell in the love with the visuals, which are just incredible. Everything looks vibrant (when there’s color of course) but it still remains dark and mysterious, and everything is incredibly detailed, especially on your Retina iDevice. The soundtrack is also a bit eerie, and goes along with the story perfectly.

This game’s visuals are drop-dead gorgeous and call to mind such artsy indie juggernauts as Limbo and Braid, with a calming, yet hauntingly mesmerizing allure. The massive adventure puts a big emphasis on exploration, as there are countless hidden exits and other secrets to find along your quest to save the other bears and I can see this one being a smash success on any PC or home video game console.

Overall, Penumbear is a fantastic package.  The platforming is responsive and the puzzles are well-designed.  There is plenty of content here – over 100 levels, hidden stages, 138 collectible teddy bears hidden throughout the stages, and more will give you hours and hours of game to explore.  The game’s visuals are pleasantly striking and, though the soundtrack is a bit limited, you’ll enjoy the few tracks in there if they don’t begin to grate on you.  Penumbear is one of the best puzzle platformers on the iOS and easily worth the price of admission.

Penumbear offers up incredibly addictive puzzle platforming with a unique art design and enchanting soundtrack to produce one of the best iOS titles we’ve played since Angry Birds. Penumbear is a great bargain priced at $1.99, and plenty of replay value and a meaty 100 level long campaign means you’ll easily get your money’s worth from this release. If you’re looking for a great game to play on a long road trip or to take with you on the go somewhere else, look no further than Penumbear.

Penumbear has given me hope that one day, all touch-screen platformers will be as close to the feel of a physical gamepad as possible. This is puzzle platforming with a real knack for those little touches that platformers deserve, and the light-based puzzling adds a cunning edge.

A tricky-but-gorgeous 2D platformer featuring a teddy bear, lots of lights and some lethal gribblies…
This 2D platformer may have a cute exterior, from the cartoony critters that inhabit the off-kilter worlds to the teddy bear protagonist who squeaks with joy every time he completes a level, but that fluffy presentation hides a challenging game that will test your reflexes on the morning commute.

All in all, Penumbear is a very interesting and challenging game.

…this is a game that contains a huge amount of content and challenge for a very accessible price.

Penumbear also comes with a boatload of content: 100 levels will last a long time in this game, particularly as the early levels are not easy at all. This game will take plenty of time to beat and to see everything. There’s also the “bonus bears” to collect, which are hidden throughout the levels. They encourage exploration and discovery, which is a fantastic thing, because the game is perfectly set up for clever secrets.