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Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2013

“Penumbear is a fantastic package. The platforming is responsive and the puzzles are well-designed. There is plenty of content here – over 100 levels, hidden stages, 138 collectible teddy bears hidden throughout the stages, and more will give you hours and hours of game to explore. The game’s visuals are pleasantly striking and, though the soundtrack is a bit limited, you’ll enjoy the few tracks in there if they don’t begin to grate on you. Penumbear is one of the best puzzle platformers on the iOS and easily worth the price of admission.”

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“All too often the App Store finds itself burdened with titles that evoke the likeness of games we know and love, but so few go as far as to understand what made them great and come up with something entirely new in the process.”

Well, here we are, February 28th, the release date for PENUMBEAR! This is the 3rd official game from TACO GRAVEYARD. TG is myself and my friend Sal – he is a programmer and I do art and animation, we make the games together. Aside from help with music and SFX we do everything ourselves so it’s a small operation – anything you see I drew, if it moves, I likely drew it a lot of times! For this game we got BULKY PIX to publish for us so hopefully a few more people will see it than our previous games.

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Penumbear awakens in a dark castle, alone aside from a small purple firefly. Luckily this firefly has an ability to turn lights off and on, and Penumbear has his own ability to walk on the lines where shadow meets light!

PENUMBEAR is a platformer with an emphasis on danger, exploration and puzzle solving. Each of the many levels combine lights and blocks to create drastically different layouts.

Penumbear will explore the basement with it’s shadowy creatures and tentacles, before traveling to the grimy and spiky dungeon, the vast cavern, up the fireplace and through the tower to reach his freedom.

Hundreds of fellow bears are hidden and it’s up to Penumbear to save them all. Secret levels, warp zones, special achievement bears and especially elusive Golden bears are hidden everywhere.

Penumbear is an immersive experience that recalls the best of classic platformers while presenting something new and exciting for the genre. From TACO GRAVEYARD and BULKY PIX.

Penumbear has been what I’ve worked on when not working on the third book for the past year, so it’s great to see it finally released! In celebration, here’s a full gaggle of things we’ve posted over at

First, here’s a blog our friend Chris did regarding the music in the game.

Some wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad!

Here’s a retro game manual I made to show the game mechanics.

All you could possibly want to know about the art process.

And a little bit on making levels.

The game is only 1.99 in the app store for over 100 levels, 20-30 hours at least of gameplay, achievements, hidden levels, collectables, and even a full second quest! Please download the game and tell your friends, it’ll be very appreciated!

And if you aren’t convinced yet, check out the official trailer!

Update: Well, the game wasn’t featured on the app store. With iOS you kinda get that one chance – that one day of the week where the app store updates and you’re either on the page or you aren’t. It was well reviewed and had some buzz going in but we didn’t make the cut. Big week for iOS games with Star Wars, Toy Story, Real Racing and Aliens Vs Predators, and those are just AAA published games. And with that, we go from having a game in a store to having a game people need to find out about and come to us for, essentially. They have to open the app store and actually do a search specifically for Penumbear or it doesn’t come up. Obviously any chance of it breaking through is out the door. It’s a gamble. We can still do a desktop port and we plan to port it to the OUYA system as well, so it’s not “over,” but it was a very discouraging evening. I get it, they can’t feature everything, but it’s just a GOOD GAME, and we worked our butts off on it and the people that played it agreed. It’s a sad thing to see and I kinda do feel like Apple dropped the ball this time and it’s a shame. I’m obviously deeply involved in the game, but it’s how I feel. Not sure if they ever “feature” a game after it’s release week, but it really discourages iOS development when you get this one random shot, whether you spent a day on an app, a week, half a year or more on it.

We’ll see where we go from here, but in the meanwhile we’re getting little help from Apple so you’re our last shot really. Please go support Penumbear and download it from the app store!

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  1. Shayddar says:

    I have just purchased your game a few days ago. (Yeah I am more than a year late to the party).

    This is a pure gem. I am in love with that cute teddybear. His animation is well done, the controls are top notch, the environment give me some chills at time, and the puzzles are just wow.

    Thank you for this amazing experience you gave me

  2. Glad you like it! Do wish there was a broader awareness of the game, we put a lot of work into it!

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