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Posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Oh man, I’m just now updating my blog. It’s weird how this works, I’ll blog like weekly or multiple times per week for a few months, and then not at all for a few months. Or more.

Anyway, I keep thinking of stuff I could write about but really the truth is it takes time away from actually writing or working on games, and that time is rare enough that I need to make the most of it when I can. So blogging is generally the first thing to go.

I’ll give you a quick “where I’ve been” update, anyway, and there’s a little more activity over at since there’s two of us writing updates. That’s my game company. We’re working on a game called PENUMBEAR and it’s really great and there’s a koala. Check it out.

So, in the publishing world, Winter Town came out last December, the paperback should be coming out this fall/winter and it has some bonus material in the back in addition to a 6 page new “aelysthia” tale, as well as some finished art that didn’t make it into the hardcover due to a mishap. Some of the art in the HC book was untoned/unfinished, though only I would really know that. It’ll be worth picking up and visiting again, I think!

I’ve been working on a third book since last summer, very slowly. I actually had 3 ideas running around in my head over that summer, when my editor and i narrowed in on one we thought was the best fit. From September through the spring I worked on that, outlining, doing sample chapters, looking for voice, art. Reworking. I was also doing a lot of work on games, so it went along very slowly but we kept getting a little closer to what I wanted it to be.

Then something happened – a new character took up more and more space, the focus of the book changed, and I found myself struggling to keep all the new and old ideas together. Eventually it became very clear I was trying to write two different books. A new one had come along and completely outshined the old one. Or at the least, it felt more urgent and was hopping up and down in front of me.

My editor and I have been making a point to meet far more frequently and I am making big progress week by week now. Hopefully before long I’ll have at least a title or something to announce for you! I’m very invested in this, though. This could be really good.