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Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

My new addiction is getting prints made of my art from I tried one out for the promo art I did for THE FOUR HATS iOS game, and it came out really great, even at 20X30. After that I made a big promo image of another game we are working on. Then I dug up my old EMO BOY files and had 3 old covers printed at 12X18. Part of the reason for that is my office has so much BROWN BROWN BROWN in it, and I wanted some blue to balance it. I already have a wall set aside for WINTER TOWN, and since I have a poster already for that and a bunch of 14X17 original art, I had no need for prints. BUT. HAPPYFACE was being ignored, and my kitchen has a long blank blue wall. So I made a couple montages, one is mostly art from the first half of the book, the second is from the latter half.

I think I’ve finally spent enough money on prints, and I still have all those video game paintings hanging too. Anyway, I’ll provide links to the prints should you feel inclined to get one – I have no intentions of getting rich off them, but I did the work to make them so I may as well open it up for anyone else who wants some art to hang!


Happyface 1

Happyface 2

Emo Boy 1

Emo Boy 2

Emo Boy 3

Emo Boy 4

AND OF COURSE, the FOUR HATS game for iPhone and iPad is OUT NOW, please buy and spread the word, it is MUCH APPRECIATED.

My Little Studio

Posted on Sunday, February 12th, 2012

So here’s a few pictures of my studio in my apartment. I moved to this apartment back in June but there were some big bugs there in the summer so I made a pact with them that they could have that room if they just leave me alone in the rest of the apartment. Now that it’s January it seemed like a good time to take the room back.

Hopefully having a dedicated space for writing will help me be more productive with my time. I’ve been working, but it’s been hard to finish any one project because I’m juggling so many! I had made progress on Book 3 but that stopped when the FOUR HATS game came along, and the goal was to finish a full game in about a month. That took up most of my time for a while. In addition to that, writing the occasional blog, and sslloowwllyy working on Book 3 pitch revisions, I wrote a short GRETCHEN story that I still need to tinker with, but it’s a low priority currently. More on that soon. Also working on another WINTER TOWN related piece and there’s a few other potentially large projects on the horizon I can’t talk about.

TACO GRAVEYARD and BOOK 3 are my main priorities. TG has quite a few game ideas in various states of completion and I really want to get a bunch of them out this year and hope something takes. I think they’re all really cool but it’s very hard to get noticed and sometimes cool things slip through the cracks. And of course BOOK 3 I’m just trying to get a pitch approved at this point – I have a good idea I really like and want to do, but nailing the tone and pieces is proving difficult. I’m hoping once the flow and tone and overall outline is approved it’ll be a faster process than it’s been.

As for THE FOUR HATS, it’s OUT NOW, only 99 cents, try the lite version if you’d like, and if you dig it, buy and pass the word – I will consider it a personal favor and be forever in your debt!

Remember, if I’m not posting here you can always find me on facebook, twitter, or occasionally posting on the TACO GRAVEYARD blog about my video game projects.

Some behind the scenes FOUR HATS

Posted on Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Here’s some making-of goodness! Play the finished version now on iPhone or iPad!

Here’s the first page in my sketchbook the day we hatched the idea for a band on the run from it’s crazed fans.

Here’s a pencil/ink of Parker done in Flash.

Some background assets from the first level.

Here’s a sprite sheet of the character animations all tidied up.

Some notes on how we could do the psychedelic level…

Thumbnail art of the promo image.

Drawing the promo image…

Background put in…

Flat colors…

And the final promo image on my monitor!

The game is AVAILABLE NOW, for only .99! Buy it if you feel inclined and spreading the word would be very appreciated!

The FOUR HATS available now, spread the word!

Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Well today is a big day, the official release of the first TACO GRAVEYARD game, THE FOUR HATS! It’s available for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

A little bit of pleading: Taco Graveyard is mostly myself and my friend Sal, he’s a programmer and I’m the artist and we collaborate on game ideas. Our friend Chris Negrini is an awesome musician and is doing the music for our games. This is a small operation, I don’t have a big company doing press and putting my games out there for everyone, this is basically two of us sending out emails and tweeting into the void, so we really need your help in getting the word out there. You have a small window of time to make an impact with an app game before it’s drowned in the flood of competitors, so if you’re thinking “I’ve gotta try that game out eventually,” or “I’ll help out steve when I find the time” – the time is now, the sooner the better!

I wouldn’t even ask if I didn’t think this was a fun game. We’re putting gameplay footage out, there’s a FREE lite version if you want to play a few levels and try it out, the entire soundtrack is up on bandcamp to listen to. All I ask is if you like it, buy it, it’s 99 cents. If you want to help me out, tell your friends, let them play it, show them the footage, play the songs, share the video. I have no delusions of getting rich off this, but we have a lot of really cool game ideas and I just want to make a statement with this game – the statement is “We’re here, we’re going to be putting out a lot of games, please look forward to them.” It’s a hard market to break, and we could be tossing a lot of great ideas into a black hole, so we need to shine light them! That’s YOU! You are the flashlight. Please make this damaged metaphor work.

As promised: STUFF.

Gameplay trailer!

The soundtrack on Bandcamp:

And THE GAME on itunes:

Thank you for reading this far! Let’s hope for an exciting week!


Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2012

Yay, here’s the first bit of press for THE FOUR HATS, the iOS game I did writing and animation for as TACO GRAVEYARD. Programmed and level building by my friend Sal and music by our friend Chris. This is a great preview! The game should be available very soon and I will certainly let you know when!

The Four Hats preview from!

Also check out the TACO GRAVEYARD blog which i post frequently to.