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Fan art – CM Punk

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Here’s a quick blog post – anyone that knows me knows I love trying out new sketchbooks, trying to find just the right brightness, smoothness of paper, just the right aesthetic presentation. I found something kinda cool.

Has anyone heard of “eeboo’s”? Apparently they’re supposed to be for children – I found that at my local Blick’s art store in the kid’s section for like 2 bucks per sketchpad. I looked online at and most of the comments are from mothers saying how much their kids like drawing in them. But here’s the thing, the paper is just the right thickness for a sketchbook – not too thick and sturdy, but not as thin as marker paper or anything either. It’s smooth, bright, spiral-bound… it’s the perfect sketchbook for something that you CAN draw something really nice on but don’t feel too guilty just doodling or jotting ideas down on either. I’ve been using them as I work on my iPhone game for art and concepts and I just love them. I bought a whole bunch. On amazon they’re like 6-10 bucks but definitely worth it!

WINTER TOWN release and signing!

Posted on Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Hey ho everyone! It’s time, WINTER TOWN should be rolling out any day now so keep an eye out for it in stores! I have my copies, it looks great!

Here’s a few pictures:

Here’s the Publisher’s Weekly review:

Childhood friends Lucy and Evan have been close for years, but when Lucy’s parents divorce and she moves with her mother to Georgia, a full year goes by before Lucy returns to their New England hometown at Christmas. When she arrives, she has dyed black hair and a nose piercing, and Evan notices she is acting “moodier and quiet, and dare he say, emo.” Evan is concerned for her and also increasingly uncertain about his own life’s direction after he graduates from high school. During a two-week vacation, Lucy and Evan talk, argue, and draw comics as they each try to figure out what they want in life and from each other. As in Happy-face, Emond’s artwork plays a big role in his storytelling, shifting between chilly scenes of Christmas in the suburbs and a funny fantasy/adventure comic Evan creates, a cross between Peanuts and Bone. Though there are many fun moments, sharply observed interactions, and smart insights along the way, the overall vibe is moody and pensive, as Lucy and Evan try to find their way and handle the pressures coming at them from every angle.

AND, don’t go yet – if you’re in or around CT on December the 14th, it’s a Wednesday, I’ll be doing a talk and signing at RJ Julia’s, it promises to be both rip and roaring. More details on the facebook event page here.