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Too Much TV!

Posted on Saturday, October 8th, 2011

I always love when fall comes around, the cooler air and the dryness wake me up and I feel productive. When I used to do my “Steverino!” comic strip there was always a lull in activity by summer, and when September rolled around I always felt inspired again.

I’m currently juggling a pitch/sample for Book 3 and continued work on the iPhone game. A major distraction has been TV – for a long time I felt like TV had gotten lame but there’s some really good stuff on these days! It’s a good age for television! Trying to fit in all the shows I got into is getting difficult and I’m having to do a lot of DVRing to keep my schedule loose enough to fit in writing. I love watching SNL, so that’s a must. The Fox cartoons are on there. Breaking Bad is the best show on TV and I can’t miss that. I watch the CBS shows on Mondays, then on Thursday I have TV night at my friend Cori’s house and we watch Glee, Dexter, The Secret Circle and either Modern Family or Parenthood. There’s a bunch of etc. stuff I try to fit in too, Louie is a favorite, I still haven’t watched the second half of Walking Dead, I really want to see Game Of Thrones, and American Horror Story looks cool too. I also have Bridesmaids and Hesher laying around waiting to be watched as well.

How am I supposed to get this book pitch finished?! Thank goodness for weekends and long nights. And thank goodness I can do game art with the TV on!