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Lemons: Behind the scenes!

Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011

Here are some of the stories behind recent LEMONS comic strips! Be sure to check it out daily and see the strips at the tumblr site!

250-271: The National Book Awards Party – I attended a book awards party the day before my birthday, and a few days before I was sick for 3 weeks! I brought along my friend Elaine because she’d just finished writing her own book and I thought maybe she’d find the time informative! We were both nervous but I’d spent enough time with my editor Connie to know she’ll make sure we’re comfortable and happy, and she certainly did! She was great to Elaine too, welcoming her into the world of books and offering lots of great advice. We had a great time in the end!

243-248: Halloween Party – Here’s some pictures from Cori’s halloween party. I had planned on being Charlie Brown but went with Hipster Charlie Brown when I needed to wear a hoodie!

228-238: Zoo/Pumpkin Trail – Last halloween I went with my friends Cori Heather and Sal to a zoo in MA, where we spent the day, and in the evening they lit up thousands of these carved and painted pumpkins along themed trails. It was really cool! Here are some pictures:

I keep thinking of stories from stuff that happened last year that I can’t believe I didn’t make any LEMONS about. The coolest thing is having this full year documented and I left out some awesome stuff, like going to the NY Comicon in October, or the photowalk I did in July. I also neglected to write about my Chicago trip all year but finally I’m working on it now. It’s harder to pull the details that make a good LEMONS comic after almost a year passes!


Posted on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Currently reworking some of the art I felt was a little rushed trying to make deadlines for the WINTER TOWN ARC. Last week, I reread the full script again to look for any errors or pieces that weren’t sitting well, to change in time for the final hardcover print. I gotta say, there was a time where I couldn’t wait for everyone to meet these characters and this world I’d come up with, in fact for the past year I’ve been thinking that, but this last week of rereading, all I could think was “oh no, not this scene again,” and “is anyone going to like this at all?” The amount of time I spent writing it and then reading it over and over, by now I just want out and onto the next project! I’ll just tell them to skip this book and I’ll put out the next one.

I’m sure with a little space, my enthusiasm will return. Of course another problem could be the fact that we just had epic amounts of snow for the past month and the whole winter wonderland thing is suffocating. I can only hope we have a scorching summer and everyone will be excited for a nice cold little book by fall!


Posted on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

My, how fast a month can drag you down!

I spent November of last year for the most part SICK. Then December I spent under a flurry of deadlines trying to wrap up final rewrites and art for the WINTER TOWN ARC. By the time January hit, it was like the light at the end of the tunnel, I handed in all my work and had TIME! January typically feels like a time for rejuvenation but for me it did moreso than most years. I had a list of things I wanted to do for this year. This list includes: start book #3, get a contract for it. Redo my website (check!), do book trailers for HAPPYFACE and WINTER TOWN. Do some more animation. Start up LEMONS again, and publicize it so people know it exists. Blog weekly, at MINIMUM! Exercise, join the gym, cook more.

It all fell apart fast though. It very quickly stops feeling like a new year, and more like a tag-on to the last year. I’m still doing WINTER TOWN work, I have no time for exercise and cooking. I’m doing LEMONS but have no idea how to publicize it. It’s difficult to blog or have anything to say after working all day and having writing work to do at night.
But alas, I’m making an effort, and that’s the best I can do. It’s only mid-February! I still have all year to catch up. I’ve barely had time to start thinking about a followup to WINTER TOWN but I do really hope to be writing it under contract at some point this year. As for gyms and cooking, who knows. I keep expecting some big change to happen but I think I’ll just need to make room for it somewhere.

Anyway, if last year is any guide to follow, I won’t know what to expect tis year anyway! That’s the good thing, even if things don’t go according to plan, there will be plenty of surprises to make up for it!

And with that, it’s back to work on WINTER TOWN…

WINTER TOWN Author Photos

Posted on Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Here’s a few of my potential author photos for WINTER TOWN, to tie into the behind-the-scenes author photo comics on LEMONS recently!

So basically, unsure in late December if we’d get any more snow (ha!), my friend Cori and I set out after a light snowfall to take some potential author photos for WINTER TOWN. We took some in her back yard, and some at a nearby park. We’ve had about twelve metric tons of snow since then so we might go back out and take some more pictures before the photo is due. Here’s a handful of contenders, anyway!

A Look Back at 2010

Posted on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Before I look ahead, here’s a look back at 2010! I brought in the year receiving the advance copies of HAPPYFACE, which I spent 2008 and 2009 working on, and making final changes for the pending release of the final book.

In anticipation of the book’s release, I was on a CT show after the news to talk about the book and blush and show off my newly shaved head:

In March, I had my first book release party and talk at RJ Julia’s in Madison, CT, where I spent my teen years. It was well attended, despite a crazy storm knocking trees down all throughout town!

HAPPYFACE was released, and throughout the year garnered THREE starred reviews and dozens more very positive reviews! I think I am spoiled now, WINTER TOWN will have a lot to live up to!

In April I took two trips to conferences to talk on panels, TXLA in Texas, and IRA in Chicago. One went smoother than the other but they were both great trips and great learning experiences.

Here’s my editor Connie talking about working on HAPPYFACE:

Also announced was my NEXT book, WINTER TOWN. I spent most of the year working on this book. I first had the idea in late August, 2009, but was still working on HAPPYFACE at that point. I worked on the book all through 2010, despite my unattainable goal of doing two books that year. The majority of the first draft was ironically written during the summer months. It is now on it’s way to becoming an ARC!

I also started my autobio comic strip LEMONS in March. It’s almost at #300 now!

Here are a few more interviews/articles I wrote:

A look at my work area:

On journals and self expression:

And on integrating text and art:

And, HAPPYFACE made the TXLA TAYSHAS list for recommended reading!

In all, it was a pretty amazing year, and hopefully 2011 will deliver more than the heaps of snow we’re getting p here in new england! More on 2011 soon!